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From 2008 onwards, The Village Doc Festival has catalyzed the creations of several hundred documentarists from all corners of the planet. First documentary film festival in Milan, immediately dedicated to sustainability in all its dimensions, it represented a unique reference point for authors guided by the passion for stories of which they deeply felt the importance: testimony, denunciation, proposal, creativity, relationship…

In a decade, a stock of films, images, and experiences of considerable thickness was aggregated. The Village Doc Library has been proposed in numerous formulas to the territory: from TV programming to projections on the territory among the people, from training workshops to creative sites, from video on demand to live streaming in events.

This impressive range of quality content is destined to grow more and more over the years, remaining available to the community to cross models and stories of sustainability (denied, dreamed, expected, lost …).


Click and take a look at a part of the catalog of The Village Doc Festival!

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