Awarded the first prize of the 2019 edition!

During the workshop on 15 and 17 July, the children of the Cusago Summer Camp decided and awarded the first prize of the 2019 edition of The Village Doc Festival: the winner is “Iuventa”!

Thanks also to the curator of the Festival Etienne Yamamoto, children were up to a conscious vision of the films selected so as to be able to express a formal judgment!

The films shown during this first workshop are some of the best films selected in these months, and have been chosen so that they can be watched by children without trauma or difficulty:

The children voted to deliver the award to the best film in their view: “Iuventa“!

The director Michele Cinque shall receive a monetary contribution: 200 euros.

We are waiting you for the next appointments and workshops!

In subsequent appointments, further films will be presented and further prizes will be awarded!