Libero Laboratorio association announces the 2019 edition of THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL, a documentary festival on sustainability.



It is an international competition with no professional or age constraints.

No fee is charged for entry.



The competition is open to documentaries no longer than 120 minutes.

All formats and techniques are permitted as long as both authorial contribution and strong narrative propensity are shown.

The 2019 edition of THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL is open to documentaries focusing on:

  • social, environmental and cultural aspects of sustainability, such as the valorization and preservation of natural resources, the denunciation of chronic poverty, access to water, food sovereignity, agriculture as balance among soil exploitation, rights for cultivators and respect for the environment, energy production and distribution, induced migration phenomena, urban development research, solidarity and community experiences;
  • realities objectively ignored by the media because of political opportunism, geographic distance, cultural shortsightedness, religious or state censorship.



Each director can entry no more than three documentaries.

Works produced after January 1st, 2017 are allowed.

An online application form must be completed for each documentary submitted filling out the “participation form” on the official website of the Festival

In completing the application, the candidate will find the instructions for sending the materials.

The “participation form” will be completed for each single candidate.

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN from 1 March 2019 until 31 May 2019.



Once the online registration has been completed, the authors must send, so that it is received no later than June 15, 2019 (under penalty of exclusion from the competition),

  • a copy of each work in competition, in DVD video format, as follows:
    1. in a sealed envelope to the addresses shown on the page
    2. or, if you prefer, uploading files in AVI, MPG4, MOV or MPG2 format with minimum standards as a 640×480 pixel size and a 256 kbps: instructions and data to upload will be communicated to the author, once the registration has been completed, by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form or via the specific page of explanation.

If the movie will be selected it can be required to the author or the producer to send a master copy for the projection.

Submitted materials will not be returned and will be kept in THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL Archive.

Whilst filmmakers retain the property of the material sent and screened, they shall agree to its free and unlimited use by THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL for the following purposes:

      • partial publication on; (in case of there is no trailer indicated by the author/ producer/distributor);
      • film screening during THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL in 2019 or similar cultural and promotional events organized by the festival promoters (e.g. public presentations, theme evenings and the like). No profit shall be made from these events and screening shall be subject to receipt by the rights owner of full information in accordance with the silence/consant procedure;
        distribution on broadcast channels, streaming and home video subject to a contractual proposal made by the festival promoters
  • Informative and photographic material in high resolution (set of photos or two exhaustive frames of the documentary, director’s picture, biofilmography, synopsis, director’s brief declaration, available posters, producers’ CV) for the Festival press office.

It is also welcomed to send a document with the English text of the dialogues for the production of subtitles for deaf viewers.

The Festival management has no liability for any loss or damage of the audiovisual submitted by the applicants.

Each director, producer or functional player (actor) is responsible for the content of his documentary and explicitly authorizes THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL to duplicate and screen the documentaries submitted only for cultural purposes and for the press release without any financial compensation.


The Festival provides support for audiovisual production and/or purchase of materials, subdivided among the prizes of the official juries of the Festival: amounts and distributions will be reported from 10 March 2019 at the address

The award ceremony shall be held on the concluding evening of the Festival.

All decisions made by the juries are final.



The Festival management reserves the right to publish a press kit with all documentaries submitted and selected on the Festival website However, the publication shall be subsequent to the application deadline.



The entry and delivery of the documentaries imply full acceptance of the terms and conditions of this regulation.

Participants also agree to the handling of personal details as stated by the Festival organizers in the application form. According to the provisions of Legislative Decree n.196/2003 on privacy protection, the Festival organizers shall be the data controller.
The contents of the documentaries selected (images, sounds and animations) must be compliant with both SIAE requirements and the current copyright law. The organizers of THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL decline any responsibility for such matters. Participation in the competition implies the sole personal responsibility of the author for any irregularities in this field; the organizers reserve the right to exclude from competition non-compliant documentaries or to revoke prizes.

Offensive materials or documentaries which can damage the promoters’ image or their ethical code will be excluded from competition and will not be published.

The decisions made by the Festival organizers in respect of any controversy or any matter hereby unspecified are final.

Ultimately, the court of Milan shall have jurisdiction over any disputes.


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