Workshop for children in Rugbiolandia

Monday 15 and Wednesday 17 children will be the protagonists of the Festival in Rugbiolandia (Centro Sportivo di Cusago, via 4 novembre)!

The children of the Cusago Summer Camp, managed by RugBio (combining – as usual – the values ​​of sport and sustainability), will participate in a workshop organized by The Village Doc Festival.

Etienne Yamamoto (the curator of the Festival) will accompany the children to a conscious vision of the selected films, chosen so that they can be watched by children without trauma or difficulty.

The selected movies are some of the best documentaries nominated in these months:

The children themselves will deliver the first of the prizes of this edition, issuing and motivating a judgment on the best movie from their point of view.

This will be only the first of the many workshops that will be held within the schedule, with the participation of many other children. In subsequent appointments further films will be presented and further prizes will be awarded!