The documentary Festival on sustainability is back

The Village Doc Festival brings the cinema of reality inside reality! Out of the traditional theatres, within the territory, among people.

Workshop of vision and spread learning, to return the responsibility for telling and imagining.

Thousands of tales on camera: author images about the key issues of our present, from all corners of the world, for the whole of humanity.

A model of complete sustainability: environmental, social, cultural, financial.

The Village is a festival for communities: it starts from Metropolitan City of Milan, with proposals by both professional directors and non-prof filmmakers, cause the aim is enhance the content before the experts.

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Workshop within the territory

To the different local realities, the Festival proposes many solutions with the means of delving more deeply into the sustainability themes and experiencing the narrative of the reality. Always tailor-made activities:

  • Focused screenings
  • Classes of cinematographic language
  • Workshops of documentary production
  • Workshops of sustainable practices
  • Special stages of the touring Festival



Etienne Yamamoto

CURATOR of the Festival

Antonello Galimberti

President of Libero Laboratorio

Publication of the 2019 Regulation

On line

The new edition of The Village Doc Festival really starts!

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Opening Applications

On line

The platform to compete in the International Documentary Film Competition…

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Closing Applications

on line

Deadline for filling out the participation form

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Starting Final Phase


In Rugbiolandia, the selection and submission activities for the movie…

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The first appointment


EDIT: We are very pleased to the high participation at…

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Workshop for children in Rugbiolandia


Monday 15 and Wednesday 17 children will be the protagonists…

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