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Into the current

Regia: Jeanne Hallacy, Associate Director Santhar Aung

Thailand, Burma, 2011

Durata: 76 min.





Into the Current takes the viewer into the darkest corners of Burma’s massive system of repression. The ordeal of political prisoners like Ko Bo Kyi illuminates the suppression of democracy activists through imprisonment, torture and isolation, but more importantly, the resolute commitment they embody for a people long denied their freedom. There is no better homage to the desire for a positive future for Burma than the stories this documentary presents. Burma’s long struggle for freedom will never truly begin until all political prisoners are freed, the culture of impunity challenged, and basic freedoms are granted to all. Into the Current illustrates the evils of military dictatorship with compassion, historical depth, and powerful visual evidence of past and ongoing repression. Yet in the courage of the dissidents profiled the effect of watching Into the Current is to come away inspired by their commitment to transform their country into a free society, a struggle we must all support and, in the end, they will win.





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