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Uranium - is it a country?


Regia: Kerstin Schnatz, Stephanie Auth, Isabel Huber

Germany, Australia, 2009

Durata: 53 min.





Where does nuclear energy come from? This documentary takes a look at the footprints of nuclear energy. There the Olympic Dam uranium mine is run by the multinational corporation BHP Billiton. An indigenous resident speaks of the impact the mine has on the environment in which he lives. Meanwhile, 1300 km away in Melbourne activists demand an immediate pullout from the dirty business. Uranium mining is very lucrative and the demand for it is booming. The spokesperson for the Australian Uranium Association talks of a bright future. He claims that Australia has the potential for 15 to 20 new uranium mines. On the other side of the world, nuclear energy is a subject of debate. A french researcher measures radiation from nuclear sites and uranium transportation. In Germany the state secretary for the ministry of the environment adheres to idea of nuclear phaseout. He points out that nuclear energy is not suited to stop climate change.





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