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The only Italian festival on sustainability in 360°

In the recent years, the growing alarm on global warming and on the complexities of globalization are multiplying all over the world, initiating the promotion of sensibility for the environmental problems. Starting from these ideas, the proliferation of a film festival dedicated to ecology began.

THE VILLAGE DOC FESTIVAL is an invitation to take a step further: Taking always an active part in promoting new forms of energy, and the reduction of human impact on the environment, Libero Laboratorio decided to dedicate the film festival to the ‘sustainability’ as a broad and open definition of its issue. The ecological imbalances move along with several other unsustainable levels: both in society and in the lives of individuals, in international relationships, as well as in those related to the migration, in economic models, and also in cultural ones.

The sustainability is a critical issue, because it cannot be reduced just to the technologies related to the environment and sensibility for nature. In contrary, it has a lot to do with the rediscovery of resources and ways of life and experiences, that are usually neglected for automatic deference to the prevailing habits.

First of all, the documentary is sustainable and the festival itself is sustainable as well. We can often forget this obvious facts, and it is worthwhile to create opportunities of interaction and practice sharing. That is the reason why the participation on the competition is free of charge, open to writers of all ages, nations, etc. And the themes will be particularly ideas open rewarded to:

  • Original treatment of sustainability in one of its social, environmental, cultural and economic content;
  • Focus on situations overlooked by the media

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